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HashMove will lead to the Uberization of Logistics

Logistics businesses are continually striving to embrace the perennial developments in technology. When it comes to meeting varying demands and challenges, technology emanates as the core differentiator. The emerging “Uberization” of logistics is inevitable, and logistics operators who don’t adopt and adapt will become redundant. On-demand logistics, market transparency, competitive real-time pricing, and conducive collaborations are defining the very framework of the supply chain.

Speaking with Al Arabiya in an interview, Sarfaraz Alam, CEO, and co-founder of HashMove discussed how disruption in logistics and digital transformation have completely changed the dynamics of business. He accentuated the significance of a logistics infrastructure for a company’s productivity and how HashMove’s Marketplace will usher in a one-stop-shop for logistics providers and consumers, leading to the uberization of logistics in Saudi Arabia and the UAE...

HashMove to introduce cloud-based intermodal logistics collaborations platform soon

Socioeconomic fluctuation, varying demographics, high consumer specialization and demand for customization are impacting the production and flow of goods globally. Aside from the need to merge industry with smart technology, the convergence of disintegrated fragments of logistics services and solutions is imperative. Employing a cloud-based platform makes data-sharing comprehensive, accessible and secure with improved visibility through a seamless and digitalized supply chain. Track and trace technology, IoTs, AI and autonomous self-orchestrated solutions are leading logistics into a future where nothing seems impossible.

Sarfaraz Alam in a recent interview with Gulf Business, titled “Five minutes with Sarfaraz Alam, co-founder, and CEO of HashMove,” explained the unique features of HashMove’s Marketplace for logistics...

Can technology move the movers?

Whether it is demonstration effect or tipping point, when the most visible industries around us transform rapidly even the most die-hard incumbents are forced to take stock.

Logistics industry seems to be entering a phase wherein consumers, stakeholders and analysts are all beginning to get the same feeling. They see a new wind blowing, driven by the transformation in aviation, hospitality and retail sectors which are demanding their logistics backbone to catch up.

They are also beginning to acknowledge where problems lie, and how they can and should be addressed. There is clearly more than one elephant in the room...

HashMove to launch a unique Smart Marketplace for logistics

With technology continually pushing the boundaries and evolving the way business is conducted, it is imperative that companies adopt, adapt and alter their ways. The logistics industry is rapidly integrating technology into every aspect of its services. However, not every region is at par with the technological demands, communication, and infrastructure required to fill the gaps created due to a lack of digital culture.

HashMove has created the perfect solution. Featured in an online publication on the Emirates News, Sarfaraz Alam, co-founder, and CEO of HashMove commented on how the logistics market in the Gulf region is expected to grow exponentially by 2022...

HashMove is in the news

by Marketing Team / Friday, 05 October 2018
HashMove is in the news

Logistics lies on the threshold between order and utter chaos, and only businesses who acknowledge and brace themselves for the transcending possibilities of a self-orchestrated digitalized supply chain will persevere. With technology experts from the Silicon Valley, California and Dubai weaved together, HashMove is committed to redefining the very fabric of industry, through its uniquely smart marketplace for logistics.

Recently featured in an intriguing article published on, the co-founder and CEO of HashMove, Sarfaraz Alam articulated on the HashMove platform’s significantly distinct solutions...

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