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HashMove partners and collaborates with leading air freight forwarders and offers reliable and cost-effective logistics solutions at competitive rates tailored to your business needs. Through real-time tracking and monitoring and flexible scheduling and transit time, we make sure your cargo is delivered with care and on time.


Choose from credible logistics providers that prioritize your business needs and customize solutions based on the type, size, and frequency of your cargo. Save time, effort and money with the assurance that your shipment gets delivered in a safe, secure and timely manner. Select the best prices and providers offering efficient pick and forward services.

Temperature Sensitive

Ontime delivery of temperature-sensitive goods and perishables. Fast and reliable rates with shipping options that ensure the preservation of quality and shelf life during transit to the destination. End-to-end visibility and real-time IoT-based temperature and humidity monitoring with custom thresholds that can be configured allowing for quick responses to any queries and special requirements.

Dangerous Goods

Choose from certified air freight forwarders that comply with international rules and regulations ensuring proper packing, labeling and shipping documentation of HAZMAT and other dangerous cargo. Flammable substances, chemicals, batteries, dry ice, and radioactive materials, etc. are shipped with special handling labels for safety precautions during loading and unloading.

Expedited & Emergency Services

Efficient, prompt and hassle-free solutions for urgent cargo. Choose from a variety of air freight charter service providers with best prices that provide real-time track and trace for time-sensitive goods and equipment. Flexible and fast transportation to remote destinations in charters that selected based on cargo capacity and size of loading doors.

Relief Efforts

Accessibility to carriers catered towards recovery and relief flights to remote areas lacking runways and roads. Airlifts for medicine, shelters, food and water, power generation and water purification equipment in disaster-stricken areas. Secure and book cargo planes according to your needs and initiate staging operations at your required airport promptly.

Tracking & Monitoring

Track and trace your air cargo in real-time through our innovative IoT-based solutions. End-to-end visibility and monitoring facilitated with prompt notifications, updates and alerts keep you informed about the location, status and estimated delivery time for your shipment. Instant information at your fingertips enables prompt actions when needed saving time and money.

Cargo Insurance

Protect your air freight against all types of damage and loss occurring during transit, loading, and unloading, unpredictable weather conditions and improper packing and infestations, etc. View and choose premium options for partial or full coverage based on the value of your inventory. Skip the headache of claim handling and get reimbursed swiftly.

Customs Clearance

Smooth and efficient digitized documentation leads to hassle-free accessibility and filing of import and export requirements. Availability of import and export customs declarations, guarantee submissions, details on customs procedures, legislation, tariffs and compliances provided under a single platform through licensed customs brokers. Certification Services available for special commodities such as plants, animals, livestock products and fisheries. We offer Quarantine and Inspection certification and other related health and disease control certifications.

Our Benefits

Search &

A single platform for searching, booking and managing multimodal shipments. Trusted network of shippers and logistics providers.

Dynamic Pricing &
Last-Minute Deals

Find and compare the best price options and avail last-minute bargains and discounts.

Real-time Tracking & Monitoring

Prompt and accessible synchronization of processes through IoT- based technology that support real-time monitoring and visibility.

Analytics &

Historical, real-time and predictive analytics and data optimizing efficiencies and enhancing informed decision making.

Document Management

Lower operational costs, digitized documentation, automated document archiving, forms and processes.

Online Collaboration

Collaborate and trade with leading and reliable providers across boundaries effortlessly.

Spot Rates

Request spot rates for shipments based on volume or special cargo

24/7 Online Access

24/7 accessible platform lets you communicate, answer queries and notify your customers in real-time.

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