Price Transparency in Logistics – Elephant in the Room

It is difficult to believe that even in today’s day and age a large chunk of freight forwarding continues to remain manual. Besides functional inefficiency, it throws in another challenge for the sector – lack of price transparency.

Let us try and understand this from an online retail experience of ordering a product, knowing the price points fully well.

Can technology move the movers?

Whether it is demonstration effect or tipping point, when the most visible industries around us transform rapidly even the most die-hard incumbents are forced to take stock.

Logistics industry seems to be entering a phase wherein consumers, stakeholders and analysts are all beginning to get the same feeling. They see a new wind blowing, driven by the transformation in aviation, hospitality and retail sectors which are demanding their logistics backbone to catch up...

Supply Chain Bermuda Triangle: Tracking Real-time to Avoid It

In today’s world of real-time tracking, logistics industry supply chain cannot afford to get away from sight, quite literally so. As consumers demand commodities stay visible even on the move, any service provider’s inability to do so could mean doomsday.

As a result, real-time freight visibility has become a critical component in supply chain terms attributing to multiple reasons. With eyes set firmly on delivering value, stakeholders, big and small, are always looking to enhance the efficiency of transportation and logistics operations...

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