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HashMove - Re-imagining Intermodal Logistics

Like UAE, China is rapidly advancing its logistics sector towards economic growth and vitalizing efficiency and employment opportunities within the industry. The Chinese government’s Belt and Road Initiative is leveraging the transportation network integrating it into the regional economy, and the building of a logistics hub in the region will usher in immense opportunities for international logistics companies, such as HashMove.

A highly reputable news source China Daily recently published an article on HashMove featuring its CEO & co-founder Sarfaraz Alam...

HashMove - Re-imagining Intermodal Logistics

Innovative technology and solutions are generating quite a furor within the logistics sphere. The lack and need for a single solution providing a complete end-to-end shipping experience with real-time visibility are now getting fulfilled through HashMove’s Smart Multimodal Logistics Marketplace. The platform caters to the global community of carriers, freight forwarders, clearing agents, trucking and warehousing companies by empowering them to take control of their logistics business and make them digital instantly.

An acclaimed online UAE news source, the Khaleej Times recently published a feature on HashMove that talks about the opportunities it will create and technology it offers to logistics businesses locally and globally. Matt Johnson, managing partner Simon-Kucher, former senior VP at Kayak (now Priceline), and advisory board member at HashMove, also quoted in the article says...

Economic Diversification & Upsurge of Market Opportunities

2019 has been declared as “The Year of Tolerance” by the President of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Looking ahead is a promising year ushering in favorable market opportunities and cultivating economic diversification through the highly awaited World Expo 2020. The Gulf Today published a special at the commencement of the new year, showcasing industry experts and business analysts, who shared their outlook on economic growth in the UAE in the months to come.

Sarfaraz Alam, CEO HashMove was also among the visionaries and entrepreneurs featured in the special...

UAE emerging as the next digital powerhouse

With an influx of government incentives and an economy that is predicted to grow exponentially, it is no surprise that UAE is considered an entrepreneur’s dream and the perfect place for startups with initiatives that foster innovation and integration of evolving technologies. Dubai’s digital economy is ascending the success graph, providing business owners with greater opportunities.

Sarfaraz Alam, CEO, and co-founder of HashMove spoke with Inayat–ur-Rahman of The Gulf Today, in a comprehensive and highly insightful interview where he discusses how UAE will become the most significant logistics capital in the next few years...

Digitalized logistics can avert the global food crisis

A staggering 30% of temperature-sensitive products are wasted annually due to unavailability of real-time monitoring, transit inefficiencies, inadequate vehicles and inept transfer of goods. To overcome the losses resulting from a lack of coordination and the absence of reliable logistics, a digitalized information hub is essential to the shipping industry. Logistics providers need to bridge the gap between food manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers through seamless and end-to-end visibility throughout the supply chain. But can this be achieved? And if so, can technology decipher the supply chain conundrum?

CEO HashMove, Sarfaraz Alam writes about how the global logistics industry needs a digital one-stop-shop to thwart challenges...

Can Digitalization & A Knowledge Economy Exist In Harmony

HashMove recently participated in the two-day Knowledge Summit 2018, organized by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation. Focused on ‘Youth and the Future of the Knowledge Economy,’ the summit served as a platform for valuable discussion and insight on how knowledge and digital economies need to work in complete synergy for progression.

Among the panel of expert speakers, was Sarfaraz Alam, CEO of HashMove. Alam spoke about HashMove’s Smart Marketplace for logistics and how Dubai has developed the infrastructure that has led towards its tremendous growth towards a digital economy...

Aligning Soft Skills with a Digital Economy

The Mohammad bin Rashid Al Makhtoum Knowledge Foundation recently organized its fifth annual Knowledge Summit, on December 5-6, 2018. Themed “Youth and the Future of the Knowledge Economy,” the summit presented a global knowledge platform that brought together key decision makers from the education and business sectors to discuss and propose solutions addressing future challenges.

Mentioned in an article in the Gulf News was, Sarfaraz Alam, CEO of HashMove. Sarfaraz, one of the prominent speakers at the event, shared his views on how the convergence of knowledge and digital economy ushers in favorable prospects and how we can overcome the challenges attributed to such changes...

Human connection in a Technological era

Soft skills and technology need to work conjointly to create a progressive future. The fifth Knowledge Summit bearing the theme “Youth and the Future of the Knowledge Economy” had a successful first day on Dec 5, 2018. CEO HashMove, Sarfaraz Alam was among the expert panelist speaking at one of the highly anticipated sessions titled “Digital Economy and Knowledge Economy: Rivalry or Alliance?”

Alam discussed how digital and knowledge economies are converging to create a smart educational environment where augmented reality is emerging as a significant tool for learning...

Can Technology replace the Workforce?

The fifth annual Knowledge Summit by The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) was successfully held on December 5-6, 2018 at Dubai World Trade Center. The summit highlighted the opportunities and challenges being brought forth as a result of technological advancement and innovation and the impact they will create on skills that were exclusive to humans in the previous decade. With robots seeping into every aspect of our industries, we need to brace our workforce and train them for the impending technological pressure.

Sarfaraz Alam, CEO HashMove was among the elite group of experts who voiced their opinions about the changing technological landscape. ...

Smart Logistics Marketplace Unveiled To The World At Knowledge Summit 2018

A new smart logistics marketplace, named HashMove, was unveiled to the world on Wednesday on the first day of prestigious Knowledge Summit 2018 in Dubai.

HashMove is transforming logistics by introducing a smart multimodal logistics marketplace connecting shippers and logistics providers to simplify the experience of shipping goods. HashMove's marketplace for logistics gives users the ability to search, view pricing, book shipments, and track goods in real-time, across multiple logistics providers.

Leading technology and innovation experts from across the world are participating in the Summit, which is one of the most sought-after summits in the world. The Summit is a global knowledge platform that brings together prominent decision-makers, academics...

Supply Chain Bermuda Triangle: Tracking Real-time to Avoid It

In today’s world of real-time tracking, logistics industry supply chain cannot afford to get away from sight, quite literally so. As consumers demand commodities stay visible even on the move, any service provider’s inability to do so could mean doomsday.

As a result, real-time freight visibility has become a critical component in supply chain terms attributing to multiple reasons. With eyes set firmly on delivering value, stakeholders, big and small, are always looking to enhance the efficiency of transportation and logistics operations.

Moreover, in tough economic conditions, real-time tracking provides an X-factor that can be leveraged to help companies take proactive decisions. It gives an edge to those who intend to keep a backup plan ready...

HashMove – Engulfing the Gulf with Digitalized Logistics

In recent years, we have witnessed the infiltration of digitalization within prominent industries around the globe. However, a few key players trailing behind due to lack of infrastructure have yet to get onto the bandwagon of the digital culture. The logistics industry might have transmuted from traditional to hybrid, but an environment running on silos yields non-conducive results.

Sarfaraz Alam, CEO and co-founder of HashMove recently featured in the online publication by The Express Tribune – Pakistan, enunciated on the current state of the logistics industry in the Middle East and how HashMove’s Smart Marketplace for Logistics can empower existing logistics businesses and facilitate them in overcoming challenges...

HashMove will lead to the Uberization of Logistics

Logistics businesses are continually striving to embrace the perennial developments in technology. When it comes to meeting varying demands and challenges, technology emanates as the core differentiator. The emerging “Uberization” of logistics is inevitable, and logistics operators who don’t adopt and adapt will become redundant. On-demand logistics, market transparency, competitive real-time pricing, and conducive collaborations are defining the very framework of the supply chain.

Speaking with Al Arabiya in an interview, Sarfaraz Alam, CEO, and co-founder of HashMove discussed how disruption in logistics and digital transformation have completely changed the dynamics of business. He accentuated the significance of a logistics infrastructure for a company’s productivity and how HashMove’s Marketplace will usher in a one-stop-shop for logistics providers and consumers, leading to the uberization of logistics in Saudi Arabia and the UAE...

HashMove to introduce cloud-based intermodal logistics collaborations platform soon

Socioeconomic fluctuation, varying demographics, high consumer specialization and demand for customization are impacting the production and flow of goods globally. Aside from the need to merge industry with smart technology, the convergence of disintegrated fragments of logistics services and solutions is imperative. Employing a cloud-based platform makes data-sharing comprehensive, accessible and secure with improved visibility through a seamless and digitalized supply chain. Track and trace technology, IoTs, AI and autonomous self-orchestrated solutions are leading logistics into a future where nothing seems impossible.

Sarfaraz Alam in a recent interview with Gulf Business, titled “Five minutes with Sarfaraz Alam, co-founder, and CEO of HashMove,” explained the unique features of HashMove’s Marketplace for logistics...

HashMove – The Global Smart Logistics Solution

A recent online publication by The Logistics Middle East highlighted the Dubai-based technology firm HashMove all set to launch its state-of-the-art smart multimodal logistics marketplace. It observes how HashMove’s intelligent solution will enhance efficiency within the supply chain and logistics industry and connect logistics businesses worldwide seamlessly to engage in logistics transactions.

The article featured Sarfaraz Alam, CEO & Co-founder of HashMove, who explains how the innovative and unique features of their online marketplace give users the complete end-to-end shipping experience...

A Seamless & Smart Supply chain

by Marketing Team / Thursday, 11 October 2018
A Seamless & Smart Supply chain

HashMove is building its global footprint within the logistics and supply chain industry in the Gulf region. With its uniquely smart multimodal logistics marketplace creating a buzz, it aims to connect all sorts of logistics providers onto a single digital platform and help them tap into their potential by giving them the global exposure and connections they need to advance their businesses.

“We are introducing a solution that will unify all logistics needs in a more connected way to facilitate a slicker, digitalized experience for multi-modal, end-to-end logistics transactions,” said...

Can technology move the movers?

Whether it is demonstration effect or tipping point, when the most visible industries around us transform rapidly even the most die-hard incumbents are forced to take stock.

Logistics industry seems to be entering a phase wherein consumers, stakeholders and analysts are all beginning to get the same feeling. They see a new wind blowing, driven by the transformation in aviation, hospitality and retail sectors which are demanding their logistics backbone to catch up.

They are also beginning to acknowledge where problems lie, and how they can and should be addressed. There is clearly more than one elephant in the room...

HashMove to launch a unique Smart Marketplace for logistics

With technology continually pushing the boundaries and evolving the way business is conducted, it is imperative that companies adopt, adapt and alter their ways. The logistics industry is rapidly integrating technology into every aspect of its services. However, not every region is at par with the technological demands, communication, and infrastructure required to fill the gaps created due to a lack of digital culture.

HashMove has created the perfect solution. Featured in an online publication on the Emirates News, Sarfaraz Alam, co-founder, and CEO of HashMove commented on how the logistics market in the Gulf region is expected to grow exponentially by 2022...

HashMove is in the news

by Marketing Team / Friday, 05 October 2018
HashMove is in the news

Logistics lies on the threshold between order and utter chaos, and only businesses who acknowledge and brace themselves for the transcending possibilities of a self-orchestrated digitalized supply chain will persevere. With technology experts from the Silicon Valley, California and Dubai weaved together, HashMove is committed to redefining the very fabric of industry, through its uniquely smart marketplace for logistics.

Recently featured in an intriguing article published on, the co-founder and CEO of HashMove, Sarfaraz Alam articulated on the HashMove platform’s significantly distinct solutions...

Technology & The rise of Smart Cities

Dubai is the perfect example of governments turning to smart solutions to conduct business. With its digital economy and technological infrastructure having surpassed several countries, it is no surprise that Dubai holds a prominent stance among the smartest cities around the globe.

The Arab News in an online publication featured Sarfaraz Alam, CEO HashMove and Chairman of Texpo, that has provided IT support to several esteemed smart projects initiated by Dubai government...

Does Technology have your vote?

Online publication Al Arabiya English set forth an important question regarding the stall in Pakistan’s electoral results. Delays in data release raised many queries about the efficiency of the Result Management System (RMS) software, which was adopted by election commission. Dubai-based technology expert, Sarfaraz Alam, CEO HashMove and Chairman Texpo, was featured in the article. He stated that the fault does not lie within the technology, but rather the manner of its implementation should be analyzed. A software developed by a leading national organization which has the expertise to develop sophisticated large-scaled solutions should have been easily fixable...

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Soft skills and technology need to work conjointly to create a progressive future. The fifth Knowledge Summit bearing the theme “Youth and the Future of the Knowledge Economy” had a successful first day on Dec 5, 2018...Read more

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