Customized solutions with end-to-end visibility

A dynamic personalized “smart marketplace,” that gives clear visibility of a customized supply chain that tracks every step of order fulfillment and hub services.

HashMove offers you a comprehensive solution that not only comprises of Forward Logistics for procurement, production, distribution, and delivery but also incorporates Reverse Logistics into their system by aggregating and processing returned commodities, ensuring an ecological and socio-economic recovery. Through our “smart marketplace,” you get clear visibility of customized supply chain helping you track every step from order fulfillment and hub services to pick, pack and advanced shipping notifications. Our closed loop solution shows your preferred partners in the supply chain as preferred providers for services which can be expanded from the marketplace. HashMove equips you with a complete and concise business process that guides you through the entire “life-cycle” of the product inclusive of circular and reversable product flow. Our comprehensive business model promotes a low-carbon and green supply chain with the goal to lower cost and maximize economic benefit.

Our Benefits

Search &

A single platform for searching, booking and managing multimodal shipments. Trusted network of shippers and logistics providers.

Dynamic Pricing &
Last-Minute Deals

Find and compare the best price options and avail last-minute bargains and discounts.

Real-time Tracking & Monitoring

Prompt and accessible synchronization of processes through IoT- based technology that support real-time monitoring and visibility.

Analytics &

Historical, real-time and predictive analytics and data optimizing efficiencies and enhancing informed decision making.

Document Management

Lower operational costs, digitized documentation, automated document archiving, forms and processes.

Online Collaboration

Collaborate and trade with leading and reliable providers across boundaries effortlessly.

24/7 Online Access

24/7 accessible platform lets you communicate, answer queries and notify your customers in real-time.

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