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Enterprises often face challenges around fulfilling their freight movement from the time it takes to book till its final delivery. The current ecosystem of global logistics is based on cumbersome and manual processes, which pose a constant challenge for the supply chain department of any organization. Lack of visibility of freight pricing, vessel schedules and logistics providers make booking and tracking of shipments a perpetual uphill task. The overall experience of freight movement is laborious, time-consuming and sucks up considerable time and effort.

HashMove is transforming the logistics industry through its smart, multimodal, end-to-end digital platform where enterprises and logistics providers can seamlessly engage in conducting global, multi-modal, end-to-end logistics transactions within a secure digital ecosystem. HashMove® Enterprise Logistics Marketplace gives shippers and enterprises the ability to search and book shipments, view pricing and deals, monitor and track goods in real-time and across multiple logistics providers. Industry expertise coupled with the adoption of the latest technologies in IOT Tracking, quality monitoring and securing shipments makes HashMove’s digital platform a leader in providing innovative digital logistics solutions.

The HashMove® Enterprise Logistics Marketplace (ELM) offers an online, secure and private experience allowing the enterprise and their logistics providers to transact securely and collaborate without bringing the relationships, contract rates and volumes out in the public domain. By adopting ELM, enterprises can build their own network of digital freight forwarders for sea, air and ground movement of goods, custom agents, ground transportation, warehousing, and insurance providers seamlessly integrating together to deliver prompt and efficienct service. ELM also allows large enterprises to save millions of dollars annually by selecting reliable, lower cost logistics providers for both their import and export related shipments via sea, air and ground.

Benefits of ELM

Save Money & Time

HashMove partners and collaborates with the leading ocean carriers and offers reliable logistics solutions at competitive rates. No matter what the destination, our freight forwarders fulfill your shipping needs through flexible scheduling and the best transit times assuring your cargo is treated right and reaches its destination on time. Volume aggregation through HashMove incentivizes better costs

Search & Book Ocean and Air Freight

ELM creates a single platform for searching, booking and managing multimodal shipments wherein a trusted network of shippers and logistics providers of any enterprise can collaborate in a secure & robust manner. The procurement and supply chain department of such enterprise can search & book Full Container Load (FCL) & Less Than Container Load (LCL) for sea as well as compare and book air freight with flexible and customized delivery solutions for their freight movement. It works both for import & export freight and allow them to select instant rates from their preferred/ verified freight forwarder and shipping lines. An inbuilt trade lanes schedules tool provides real time updated schedule of vessel ETA or ETD.

Dynamic Pricing & Last-Minute Deals

Logistics & Freight prices are not often locked for a longer period of time thereby needing significant efforts by the supply chain and procurement team to seek, compare and optimize for their freight. Even though companies often have contracted / negotiated rates from their usual suppliers but that does not always guarantee the best rates for their freight. Freight space is a perishable commodity, once the vessel leaves, the revenue realized is zero. Hence there are last-minute deals, bargains and discounts that Freight Companies are willing to offer. ELM platform provides them a tool to offer deals dynamically and nimble enterprises can benefit from them to lower total costs.

Door to Door Cargo Booking

ELM customers enjoy the convenience of door-to-door freight search and booking facilities without the headache of dealing with various logistics companies. The enterprise can now book small to heavy loads of all kind of freight including heavy equipment, hassle-free fulfillment of storage and inland transportation of consignment picked up at the origin and delivered safely at the destination.

Spot Rates

The negotiation on given freight prices often require by the procurement department in quest to get the special rates for the bulk cargo known as Spot Rates. These sport rates request for shipments based on volume or special cargo. ELM is equipped with the power tool of spot rates request for the enterprises so they can initiate special rates by their listed freight companies on real time and compare them instantly prior to book their cargos.

Real-Time Tracking & Monitoring

ELM provides prompt and accessible synchronization of processes through technology that supports real-time monitoring and visibility to enterprises. Enterprises do not need to pay to avail such services which accords them a greater control of their cargo location at all times enabling them to provide better customer service

Document Management

ELM also provides digital document repositories wherein Enterprises can digitally exchange shipment related documentation with their freight forwarders. This improves collaboration and saves significant time and cost for both enterprises and freight companies enlisted in ELM.

Reporting & Analytics

Keeping cargo related records updated is often challenging. ELM has made this very easy for the enterprises. Through the reporting section the enterprise Finance and compliance department can view the real time data & reporting for their cargo booking. Real time Data Analytics provides a clear, up-to date picture of their spend and invoicing.

24/7/365 Availability

ELM is a SaaS based platform hosted in Microsoft Azure that provides a secure hosting for such mission critical applications. ELM users enjoy peace of mind for their data accessibility and security.

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Who is Eligible for ELM?

ELM is currently offered for enterprise in the following countries; UAE, Saudi, Oman & Pakistan. There are certain criteria for an enterprise be eligible for ELM for their supply chain. These are but not limited to:

  • An organization whose ocean export or import volume (combined) is at least 1000 TEU’s (20’ standard container) per annum

  • An Enterprise whose air cargo export or import is at least 2 ton per annum

  • An organization that’s ready to bring their approved freight forwarding companies on our platform. (HashMove digital platform has more than 40 top of the line freight forwarding companies in GCC and South Asia but we always encourage the ELM users to bring their own freight forwarding companies)

  • An organization that has its own dedicated team or 3rd parties to handle the customs related tasks. HashMove platform does not, as yet, provide an automated clearing process of customs clearance.

  • An organization that is ready to book their cargo digitally through the ELM platform and restrict offline bookings once the ELM is live.

Sign Up

Sign up for Free

ELM is free for all the enterprises who fulfil the criteria of eligibility mentioned above. Yes – Its totally free. HashMove understands the problem which many enterprises are going through in current COVID 19 Pandemic. This situation may continue to hurt originations post Pandemic time too. HashMove have decided to waive the license fees (forever) for the enterprises should they wish to adopt ELM to streamline their logistics and supply chain. There will be no license or hidden cost which they fear ever.

How HashMove makes money? HashMove charge a very nominal fee from the freight forwarders who receive bookings from ELM platform. There is no hidden or other fees incurred by such freight forwarders; we keep it very simple. Once they receive booking through ELM they pay a nominal fees to HashMove else they enjoy the luxury of being digital freight forwarder on our platform for no fee at all.

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