Keeping your business well-grounded

HashMove partners and collaborates with a credible ground freight forwarding network and offers reliable and cost-effective logistics solutions at competitive rates. Whether road or rail, our innovative and expedited ground shipping solutions track and monitor your cargo and provide you end-to-end visibility. Through real-time IoT-based tracking, monitoring and flexible scheduling and transit time, we make sure your cargo is delivered promptly and with care.

Full Truck Load (FTL)

Flexible, reliable and affordable trucking solutions catering to your high-volume, high-capacity and heavy haul bulk shipping needs. Choose instantly from quality compliant and qualified carriers tailored to your requirements that fulfill door-to-door shipping and offer competitive rates with optimized routing solutions to deliver your cargo on time.

Less than Truck Load (LTL)

Agile, efficient and cost-effective trucking solutions for e-commerce businesses and frequent and smaller shipments to multiple destinations across country and across town. Get speed without compromising on cost. Instantly connect with a verified domestic trucking network that offers pick-up and delivery assistance if needed.

Container Transport

Dynamic transport and intermodal container trucking solutions customized to your business needs. Optimize your supply chain with a variety of reputable container transport service experts to choose from and opt for services designed to match your budget and meet your schedule. Safe, smooth and efficient delivery of cargo each time.

Open deck & Flatbed

Access experienced and affordable flatbed carriers known for handling the complex and physical challenges of adverse weather and uneven terrains. Be it heavy loads, large equipment, oversized or unusually shaped cargo for long or short haul you can find trailer sizes to suit your needs with secure and on-time delivery through route optimization.

Temperature controlled & Refrigerated

Get perishables and pharmaceuticals etc. delivered through reputable carriers who ensure that goods remain preserved, maintain quality and arrive safely on time. Save your valuable cargo from spoilage by taking advantage of an uninterrupted cold chain with real-time IoT-based temperature and humidity monitoring with custom thresholds that can be configured.

Tracking & Monitoring

IoT-based Track and trace solutions that provide end-to-end visibility, helping you manage your freight at every step of the way. Trucking companies collaborate directly on HashMove, facilitating real-time updates, prompt notifications, temperature, and humidity monitoring and alerts keeping you informed about the location, status and estimated delivery time for your shipment.

Cargo Insurance

Safeguard your freight and mitigate losses and damages incurred during transit, loading, unloading and weather conditions. Select from a variety of affordable cargo insurance policies and coverage options customized to your business needs. Enjoy effective risk management, prompt coverage, efficient claim handling and swift reimbursements.

Customs Clearance

Smooth handling of consignment through licensed specialists taking care of formalities pertaining to all sorts of statutory obligations. Avail hassle-free digitized documentation and filing of import and export customs declarations, clearance of goods, permits, guarantee submissions, legislation, tariffs and compliances and export control rules. Certification Services available for special commodities such as plants, animals, livestock products and fisheries. We offer Quarantine and Inspection certification and other related health and disease control certifications.

Our Benefits

Search &

A single platform for searching, booking and managing multimodal shipments. Trusted network of shippers and logistics providers.

Dynamic Pricing &
Last-Minute Deals

Find and compare the best price options and avail last-minute bargains and discounts.

Real-time Tracking & Monitoring

Prompt and accessible synchronization of processes through IoT- based technology that support real-time monitoring and visibility.

Analytics &

Historical, real-time and predictive analytics and data optimizing efficiencies and enhancing informed decision making.

Document Management

Lower operational costs, digitized documentation, automated document archiving, forms and processes.

Online Collaboration

Collaborate and trade with leading and reliable providers across boundaries effortlessly.

Spot Rates

Request spot rates for shipments based on volume or special cargo

24/7 Online Access

24/7 accessible platform lets you communicate, answer queries and notify your customers in real-time.

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