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It usually seems challenging to anchor your business in the oncoming wave of digital disruption that has come upon the Ocean Carriers and NVOCCs. Digitalization is improving the overall customer experience while eliminating entrenched operational inefficiencies. HashMove’s Digital Logistics Platform provides the perfect solution for NVOCCs to allow their customers to search and book containers online including add-on logistics services. Take advantage of increased business exposure supplemented by enhanced customer interaction. We facilitate you with an immediate digital presence and online capability that translates to elevated revenue and cost savings.

Full container load (FCL)

Less than container load (LCL)

Door to Door

Reefer & Temperature controlled

Tracking & Monitoring

Customs Clearance

Cargo Insurance

Quality Inspection & Audit

Dangerous Goods

Packaging & Labeling

Our Benefits

Increased business opportunities & exposure

Going digital can propel your freight business towards greater prospects. Put your business on the map! Capture new business opportunities and enjoy the exposure you get when you become accessible to clients around the globe in minutes. The online tools HashMove presents, empowers you to run your business efficiently while optimizing returns and vitalizing efficiency and employment opportunities.

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Reduced cost of sales

Our digitalized marketplace offers freight rate management and online freight sales that facilitate cost reduction and accelerate sales. Disconnected and rigid processes lead to customer volatility and inefficiencies that can inflate expenses while digitizing through HashMove cuts back on operational and direct costs while opening tremendous gainful opportunities in the marketplace.

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Improved operational efficiencies

Running your freight business on silos yields non-conducive results. Cumbersome manual processes and lack of efficient and prompt communication leads to utter chaos. HashMove’s platform provides unhindered connectivity and integration of information at every level. Increase the value of time and productivity with simple and standardized document management, instant price quotes and a streamlined communication process that provides end-to-end visibility.

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Ability to upsell value-added services

Get connected with a platform that enables you to partner with other logistics providers to create and upsell various value-added services like cargo insurance, customs clearance, customs bonds, digitized document management and printing, and special deliveries. Build upon additional sources of profit by providing immediate offers and presenting clients with customized services and options they can’t refuse while mitigating inventory, delivery times and transportation costs.

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Actionable data for better customer service

Attain complete visibility through real-time IoT tracking and end-to-end temperature, humidity and atmosphere monitoring across storage, transportation, handling and distribution throughout the freight journey. Boost customer loyalty and serviceability through analytics and actionable insights, alerts and notifications throughout the delivery network enabling strategy development and fully informed decisions allowing quick responses and corrective measures to be taken.

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