Smart Ports are using innovative technologies to address the current and future challenges to stay productive, customer friendly, efficient and competitive. To be truly effective, cutting edge and ready to absorb future technology trends, ports have to do more than simply adopt these technologies on their own. Instead, they must embrace platforms and services that make it easier for all stakeholders to work together to promote the efficiency of the overall ecosystem including shippers, trucking and logistics companies, shipping lines, ports, terminals and custom authorities.

HashMove Smart Port Solutions drive immediate operational excellence (e.g. electronic docs, reduce wait time, payment collection) and also create new data-based services and revenue streams (e.g. real-time information on ship arrival and departures).

Digital Portal for Smart Port

An on-line system accessible through desktop and mobile which offers services such as digital documents (trade license, import/export permits, customs, other), electronic invoicing and payments (port admin fees, digital fees, customs, other), and other value-add services (port congestion, berth, truck wait-time notifications, other).

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Smart Port Logistics Platform

A closed-loop connected platform where the port’s inbound and outbound logistics companies can connect and transact seamlessly. Shippers (import/export) can search and book freight forwarders, trucking companies, and clearing agents that provide services through the port. They can also purchase the port’s digital services as part of their booking.

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Data Services

Real-time information sharing of ship arrival and departure times, berth location, port congestion, truck wait times, and more. This data can be shared as a subscription-based service with stakeholders (shipping lines, logistics companies, other) through online portal, mobile app, email notifications or an API-based platform.

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Container Tracking and Monitoring

IOT-based platform for tracking and monitoring of containers for Cargo owners. Provides visibility of actual location of container on port and on vessel, along with end-to-end traceability of its journey for container fraud and security.

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Smart Port Solutions
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