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In this digital age, technology is drastically changing the way waste management and hauling companies run their large-scale daily operations to provide efficient services on behalf of local authorities. Their services are invaluable and include all the activities that are required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal to help keep our environment clean and green.

Operational Challenges

Waste Management operations are complex and require the servicing of multiple territories and routes through deployment and coordination of a large number of trucks and drivers, while maintaining compliance requirements from the local authorities.

The cost of the large number of resources and assets deployed runs into millions of dollars every year and a proper ROI analysis in terms of resulting inefficiencies of the system is always challenging.

In particular, in-depth analysis of route optimization and re-assignments, reductions in overtime, increasing employee productivity and reducing missed customers are known challenges across the waste management industry.

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Telematics Data Analysis Platform

Using Telematics Data and insights is becoming essential for addressing the ongoing business challenges and operational inefficiencies in waste management.

HashMove Telematics Data Analysis Platform provides a complete analytics solution for waste management companies. Our design tool allows the creation of customized route and block boundaries, our high performance data processing module can import hundreds of millions of telematics data rows in near real-time, and our analytics module provides industry specific analysis and insights to improve business operations with immediate ROI.

HashMove Telematics Data Analysis Platform can be imported into enterprise routing tools for route optimization, reducing impact of route re-assignments, measuring employee productivity and performance, verifying missed customers, and coordinating with local authorities in areas such as street cleaning and other initiatives.

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Benefits and ROI

Waste Management companies that have used HashMove Telematics Data Analysis Platform have realized direct benefits with savings of millions of dollars per year through route optimizations, route merging, reduced overtime, optimal miles driven and fuel consumption, and improving employee productivity. At the same time there are numerous indirect benefits to the company such as maintaining one’s competitive edge, ecient asset utilization, improving customer experience, increasing employee satisfaction, and enhancing driver safety and compliance.

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Telematics Data Analysis Platform

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