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HashMove partners and collaborates with reputable warehouse facilities that offer reliable, tailored and cost-effective logistics solutions at competitive rates. No matter what your requirements, we connect you with warehouses providing the best storage and management for your product along with beneficial value-added services. Through real-time inventory management and tracking, you can assure that your orders are stored and delivered on time.

Dedicated & Shared Warehouse

Whether you prefer a contract warehouse solely dedicated to your product or choose to pay for the limited space, you require in a shared multi-client facility, select from a variety of providers and locations customized for your business based on the nature, volume and specific requirements of inventory. Avail efficient, secure and cost-effective solutions for your logistical needs.

Short term & Long term

From short term storage requirements for inventory moving on daily/weekly/monthly basis to long term warehouses managing extended storage of goods, select from a variety of warehousing solutions tailored to accommodate your business needs in the most cost-effective way. Track and manage your inventory movement in real-time.

Climate-controlled & Reefer

Climate and humidity-controlled warehouses with central monitoring systems and multi-temperature capabilities for specialized products. Choose from a list of warehouse solutions specific to your inventory requirements with the confidence that product quality remains intact consistently. Reliable solutions for perishables, sensitive equipment, flowers, and frozen products etc.

Bonded Warehouse

Customized solutions for duty-free storage of imported merchandise for longer periods in secured warehouses covered by customs rules. Enjoy deferred taxes along with bonds by verified providers that guarantee against losses on revenue once goods are removed. Choose from locations that preserve quality and accommodate all products irrespective of size and storage requirements.


Access semi and fully automated facilities that run on minimal manpower for supervision and operate through innovative software, unmanned cranes and carriers to perform tasks, and manage and optimize the preparation, storage and dispatch of inventory. Reduce productivity costs, improve quality, accuracy and efficiency while avoiding expenses associated with health and safety hazards.

Ground Transportation

Integrate ground transportation solutions with your warehouse and streamline operations while optimizing your supply chain. Select from affordable and reliable transportation and distribution management services that work in conjunction with warehouse facilities to cater to your specific logistical requirements.


Get connected with the correct sources for warehouse legal liability coverage that protects you against losses and damage incurred due to warehouse operators’ negligence and failure to handle, store and care for your goods. Secure your inventory by making sure that all provisions attributed to liability coverage following standards of reasonable care are included.

Value-added services

Enjoy the benefits of transparency, security, quality, and enhanced customer services through dedicated logistics solutions exclusive to your business needs. Choose from warehousing companies that provide services for pack/re-pack and pick, labeling, product customization, and testing, compliances, forms, and inspections, along with inventory supply and return management, etc.

Our Benefits

Search &

A single platform for searching, booking and managing multimodal shipments. Trusted network of shippers and logistics providers.

Dynamic Pricing &
Last-Minute Deals

Find and compare the best price options and avail last-minute bargains and discounts.

Real-time Tracking & Monitoring

Prompt and accessible synchronization of processes through IoT- based technology that support real-time monitoring and visibility.

Analytics &

Historical, real-time and predictive analytics and data optimizing efficiencies and enhancing informed decision making.

Document Management

Lower operational costs, digitized documentation, automated document archiving, forms and processes.

Online Collaboration

Collaborate and trade with leading and reliable providers across boundaries effortlessly.

Spot Rates

Request spot rates for shipments based on volume or special cargo

24/7 Online Access

24/7 accessible platform lets you communicate, answer queries and notify your customers in real-time.

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