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Warehousing is an imperative facet of logistics management and plays a vital role in the supply chain process. Storing goods isn’t as simple as it sounds. You might own top of the line warehouses but lack the exposure and opportunities to operate profitably due to customer inaccessibility. Joining HashMove’s marketplace presents you with the advantage of going digital instantly. Not only do you enjoy global reach, but also avail several online tools and marketplace features that can take your business to the next level. Increase inbound and outbound functions, communicate efficiently, track inventory, ensure accurate paperwork and purchase orders through digitized documentation and speed up operations. HashMove has a lot in store for you!

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Quick upload of space for rent

Skip the endless phone calls and futile listings trying to gain leads. HashMove is a one-stop hub for logistics shippers and warehouse businesses. Register your warehouse and get enlisted on a platform that gives you global exposure and accessibility to clients instantly. Drive productivity gains through speed and agility provided by our platform. Offer customized warehouse solutions for preferred clients and promote distinct offerings for specialized product storage and handling.

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Last minute deals and pricing

Take control of your business. Give customers peace of mind by quoting accurate rates. Create your own prices and display latest offers and last-minute deals with hassle-free online transactions. Avoid the inconvenience of back-and-forth negotiations, endless phone calls and faxing. Expand your business and avail all these tools on HashMove at absolutely no cost at all. Transparent and value-driven pricing fortifies customer experience and enhances future opportunities.

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Increased business exposure

Joining an online platform such as HashMove presents you with global business reach and increased business opportunities like never seen before. With a diverse and extensive network of importers, exporters, manufacturers, distributors, government, and individuals the exposure your warehouse business can get is undeniable. Additionally, the real-time inventory management and tracking tools we offer through our cloud-based platform help warehouses restock, capture status of orders and digitize documents from suppliers and logistics. Real-time visibility is just a click away.

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Cross-sell opportunity with ocean and air freight

Not only can warehouses connect seamlessly with customers, but they can also communicate and access growth opportunities with other logistics providers. By cross-selling services, you are more likely to secure prospects that might require transit services to and from warehouses. A complete end-to-end package offers an incentive for clients looking for a comprehensive solution and decreases the cost of direct selling. Cross-selling raises customer traction and reliability, thus increasing revenue.

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Reduced cost of sales

Digitalization is the core differentiator that reduces the cost of sales and optimizes operations. With instant business exposure, clients become more accessible, operation costs decrease, communications get seamless, and the cost of manual processes get eliminated. A one-stop hub for warehouse businesses, HashMove uses technology to facilitate fast, secure and reliable sales, all from one single location. Real-time tracking and visibility help reduce inefficiencies and losses by providing instant notifications and alerts on stored inventory.

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